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Brand: Hyperlite
SKU: H20MU-13-269588
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Hyperlite Wakeboards UK | Company Profile |
Colour: White Blue
Size: 139cm
Year: 2020
Level: All Skill Levels
Gender: Mens
Buying advice on the 2020 Hyperlite Murray Pro White Blue All Terrain Wakeboard
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Buy the Hyperlite Murray Pro in White Blue if you want a fantastic All Terrain Wakeboard that is aimed at all skill levels and is packed with great features.

Hyperlite Wakeboards UK | Company Profile |


Price: £351.82
RRP: £379.00
Save: £27.18 (7.17%)

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This is a Pro Signature Program Wakeboard that has been through extensive testing and development by the manufacturers Signature Team Athletes. Monocoque construction prevents delamination by forming the top and bottom layers from a single glassfibre sheet rather than bonding 2 layers together. The V shape of the Centre Spine disperses water outwards on impact which results in significantly softer landings. The Variable Edge Rails are nice and soft in the middle of the rails to prevent catching an edge but sharper at the ends for greater control and better tuning power. Boasts a stable and forgiving character so is great if you want a more relaxed and less full-on ride. The Biolite 3 Core offers the ultimate in core materials for the lightest and most robust boards that have a low swinging weight in the air and that really will stand the test of time. This is the perfect board if you take your wakeboarding seriously and you want to progress quickly and easily to the next level.

Perfect for Beginners who need a stable and confidence building ride but also great for Intermediate level riders who want more performance to take their skills forward. The Foam Core Hull Construction on this board utilises extra foam for added buoyancy to make deep water starts a breeze. The Ultra Lightweight Biax Glass Layup is engineered with unique combinations of special fiberglass weaves to give you the ultimate performance and response on and off the wake. The industry standard M6 Inserts allow all standard Wakeboard Bindings to be fitted to the board. Has the benefit of a 3-Stage Rocker for a faster and looser feel but without compromising control or user friendiness. Removable Fins enable you to tune the handling of your board so they can be left in if the water is choppy or removed for flatter water or if you are looking for a looser feel.


Buying advice on the 2020 Hyperlite Murray Pro White Blue All Terrain Wakeboard


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