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Body Glove EOS Back Zip 4/3 UK 9-10 (Chest 32-34in)

Brand: Body Glove
SKU: 15113W-GRY-203127
Manufacturer part number: 15113W-GRY

Best deals on the Body Glove EOS Back Zip 4/3 Full Wetsuit Grey UK 9-10 (Chest 32-34in) 2018 Full Wetsuit - FREE DELIVERY
RRP: £179.95
DEAL: £109.95
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Colour: Grey

Size: UK 9-10 (Chest 32-34in)

Year: 2018

Level: Generic

Gender: Womens

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About the Body Glove EOS Back Zip 4/3 Full Wetsuit.


Body Glove make great wetsuits - end of story. Designed for all water sports this will keep you protected and looking good for season after season.

Body Glove wetsuits are made from incredibly flexible neoprene (circa 200% flexibility) so they may feel different (a lot better!) than what you might be used to. Make no mistake these are not the same as the ones you buy in the supermarket. They are top end wetsuits engineered to fit perfectly and last many seasons. As a result please be aware that putting them on is not quite the same as putting on a cheap wetsuit. The arms shoulders and knees are all ultra flexible so will need aligning or the suit will not feel right but this takes seconds and you very quickly get used to it. Its just a simple case of pulling the arms all the way up adjusting the legs so that the knees are in the right position and then ensuring that the shoulders are lined up correctly. Once youve taken a few seconds to do this you will be rewarded with comfort and mobility that you may never have experienced before and you will feel more than happy wearing your wetsuit literally all day.


Body Glove EOS Ladies wetsuit is constructed of the highest performance neoprene stretch material Magna Flex. Magna Flex is 10% lighter than standard neoprene and takes on less water while providing maximum stretch and performance. The Quadra Flex 4-way stretch offers exceptional manoeuvrability comfort and durability. Vaporlock seams are triple glued and blind stitched. Sewn with a two thread stitch the seam will automatically tie itself off if a stitch is broken. Spot Tape is used at seam intersections for added durability and seam strength. Perfectly shaped and newly designed Nano Tritec kneepads allow for increased flexibility and added comfort not to mention their durability and protection is nearly bulletproof. Built on proven technology and style at an entry-level price this suit has all you need to stay warm and look good. EOS is the goddess of the dawn who each morning opened the gates of heaven for the sun to rise. In her honour this suit is built to help you rise for your early morning sessions.


1) 4-Way stretch kneepads are flexible in all directions for a unique freedom of movement.

2) Quick and easy traditional back zip design with pull strap for convenience.

3) This is a high performance product that is built to high quality standards.

4) Ultra stretch materials used extensively for excellent flexibility and comfort.

5) Designed to provide the ultimate in comfort.

6) Designed to keep you warm and toasty in all conditions.


* 4-Way Stretch.
* Back Zip Design.
* High Performance.
* High Stretch Materials.
* Ultra Comfortable.
* Warm and Insulating.