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Connelly Eclypse 67inch

Brand: Connelly
SKU: 61190303-213020

Best deals on the Connelly Eclypse Combo Waterskis Standard 67inch 2019 Combo Waterskis - FREE DELIVERY
RRP: £249.95
DEAL: £229.95
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Colour: Standard

Size: 67inch

Year: 2019

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Gender: Everyone

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About the Connelly Eclypse Combo Waterskis.


A fantastic combo pair from the industry leaders Connelly. Nice and wide to help with those deep water starts and keep everything stable and forgiving. Robust and great looking. The Eclypse is Connellys top end ski design that works great as a combo or slalom ski. The wide body shape makes deep water starts effortless and increases stability when youre up and running. The comfortable lace up front bindings are totally adjustable and will keep your feet snug and the metal drop through fins are ultra durable and enhance the cornering performance.

In case you were wondering Combo Skis are so called as they offer a great combination of a beginner water ski pair and a more advanced mono ski. Youll notice that one of the skis has a single front binding while the other has a front binding and a rear toe plate. This means that beginners can practise on 2 skis while the more advanced can use just one.

There are loads of great money saving bundles and package options available with these water skis. Simply scroll down to find out more. While youre at it why not check out our Advice Centre too. It explains all of the jargon in plain English and should answer any questions you might have on designs and features etc.


Connelly Eclypse Combo Waterskis is Connellys premier combo pair and is backed by decades of ski design experience. Lace adjustable Swerve bindings provide side-to-side response and control. The aluminum drop through fin provides grip through aggressive turns. The wide nose and tail make deep water starts easier and the narrow waist keeps the ski lively and fun out on the water. These Water Skis are built-to-last with reinforced composite construction and high gloss UV coat. The Connelly Tracking System (C.T.S.) is a unique Connelly development to reduce the number of instances where beginners are this close to getting up. C.T.S. can get you there. A subtle spine feature on the tip of the ski helps keep the tip tracking straight while the boat starts to pull you up on deep water starts. Skis measure 2 x 67in (170cm) in length and have a rider weight capacity up to 275 lbs. (124.75 kg). The Swerve binding and RTP offer the ease and comfort of a lace up binding and will fit anyone on the boat. The EVA heel and Lycra lined floating toe are soft and adjustable for various foot sizes. Loosen the laces and the binding opens wide making it easy to slip on and off. Pull the lace snug and engage the wheel lock and you are ready to ski. Reinforced composite construction. High gloss UV coat. C.T.S. (Connelly Tracking System). Front Adjust Bindings with RTS. Aluminum drop through fin.


1) Superior aluminium fin for greater traction in the turns and a more agressive ride.

2) Perfect for families who need to share equipment and enjoy confidence building days out.

3) This is a high performance product that is built to high quality standards.

4) Perfect for beginners who require a smooth and forgiving confidence building ride.

5) Slalom adjustable lace-up bindings for great comfort and excellent levels of control.

6) Designed to take all of the abuse you can throw at it.


* Aluminium Fin.
* Great Family Skis.
* High Performance.
* Ideal for Beginners.
* Swerve Adjustable Bindings.
* Ultra Durable.