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Connelly Mirage 135 cm

Brand: Connelly
SKU: 65190040-213027

Best deals on the Connelly Mirage Family Kneeboard Blue Black 135 cm 2019 Family Kneeboard - FREE DELIVERY
RRP: £159.95
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Colour: Blue Black

Size: 135 cm

Year: 2019

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Gender: Everyone

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About the Connelly Mirage Family Kneeboard.


We love kneeboarding as its pretty easy to learn the basics and the sensation of speed is epic. If youre wondering what new toys to get for your boat this year and you havent got a kneeboard already - GET ONE!

The Mirage is a perfect family board as it offers a nice stable and forgiving ride and also has the benefit of a hydro hook on the nose to help the novices. Best of all it looks a bit like Batman!


The Connelly Mirage Kneeboard was designed to blend a high performance twin tip shape with a long sidecut radius for a stable relaxed ride. The built in handle hook makes learning simple. Set the rope in the front hook while adjusting your knees into position. Secure yourself into the plush kneepad with an adjustable Velcro strap while the board holds the handle. Scoop it up when you’re ready to carve slash and spin the day away. The Connelly Kneeboard is a roto-molded design and is 135 cm in length. Twin tip design. Roto moulded construction - designed to take season after season of abuse from the kids. Soft EVA contoured pad. Plush knee strap. Front handle hook. Length 135 cm.


1) Built-in Hydro Hook to make those deep water starts effortless for beginners.

2) Perfect for families and beginners who require a smooth and forgiving confidence building ride.

3) Complete with strong knee strap with secure velcro fastening to help you nail those tricks.

4) Perfect for people looking for a smooth and forgiving confidence building ride.

5) Soft foam kneepad to absorb all of the lumps and bumps.

6) Tough roto moulded plastic hull construction for the ultimate in durability and ding resistance.


* Built-In Hydro Hook.
* Great Family Board.
* Knee Strap Included.
* Relaxed and Forgiving.
* Soft Foam Kneepad.
* Tough Roto Moulded Plastic.