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Connelly Spin Cycle 1 Rider

Brand: Connelly
SKU: 67191001-36393

Best deals on the Connelly Spin Cycle Towable Inflatable Tube Standard 1 Rider 2019 Towable Inflatable Tube - FREE DELIVERY
RRP: £89.95
DEAL: £69.95
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Colour: Standard

Size: 1 Rider

Year: 2019

Level: Family Fun

Gender: Everyone

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About the Connelly Spin Cycle Towable Inflatable Tube.


The Connelly Spin Cycle towable inflatable has been cleverly designed to accomodate both adults and smaller riders alike thanks to its generous 54inch diameter smaller seat location and easy grip soft padded handles. Younger or less confident riders can enjoy a safe and confidence building ride while in the seated position while the adrenaline junkies can get all of the excitement they need from riding in the seated position or lying prone on their front. Safe versatile great looking and extremely well made.

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The Connelly Spin Cycle Towable Inflatable Tube is designed for laying prone or sitting in the centre location riders can choose which position they favour best. It has 4 padded handles with knuckle guards and a and webbing tow loop. The kids will love the fully covered heavy duty PVC round tube but should you ever need it a Peel and Stick repair kit is included as well as a 1 year warranty!. 54inch diameter. Multi position Single rider round tube - specifically designed with smaller seat location and handles. 420D Nylon cover with heavy duty PVC bladder. Webbing tow loop. Speed valve. Covered mesh bottom drains excess water. 4 Handles with Knuckle Guards. Peel and Stick repair kit included. One Year Limited Warranty.


1) Super strong 420D nylon cover that is hard wearing and attractively screen printed.

2) Classic donut style design for epic amounts of fun.

3) Enjoy many seasons out in the sun thanks to the high quality PVC and durable build quality.

4) Soft neoprene knuckle guards protect the hands from abrasion.

5) Multiple strong padded handles ensure everyone has something safe to hang on to.

6) Water drains on the bottom of the tube prevent water from collecting between the cover and the bladded.


* 420D Nylon Cover.
* Donut Style.
* Durable Construction.
* Neoprene Knuckle Guards.
* Strong Padded Handles.
* Water Drain System.