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Fluid Gear Beanie Hat Snug Fit

Brand: Fluid Gear
Manufacturer part number: FLUIDBKS

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Colour: Black

Size: Snug Fit

Year: 2019

Level: Generic

Gender: Mens

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About the Fluid Gear Beanie Hat Neoprene.


When the temperature plummets dont let your performance or your enjoyment do the same. These great neoprene beanie hats not only keep your head and ears snug but they can even be worn under your helmet to keep you shredding well into Winter.


Neoprene beanie with a difference designed to stay on your head in the biggest wildest conditions and keep you warmn when wet. The beanie has been designed to keep true to its beanie shape and stay firmly in place no matter what the conditions. As much as 40% of all heat loss is from the head if you are training for or taking part in your sport outside in cold and wet conditions this is a must have accessory. We have tested this beanie at speeds of over 50 miles an hour in the wind and rain. You can even swim wearing a beanie - it will not fall off your head. The Fluidgear beanie is made out of neoprene which has excellent insulation qualities. Even if the beanie becomes wet it will not lose these properties. Once wet neoprene traps water within its structure then uses your body heat to warm it. Using the trapped heat the neoprene bounces this back to you itfts like wearing your own mini hot water bottle. So if you are outside in cold and wet weather and want to keep your head warm a Fluidgear beanie will help you look cool and keep warm. The Fluidgear Beanie uses a number of unique design features to ensure that is stays firmly in place. The beanie has a sizing band built in to the base to ensure it remains firmly in place. By folding the base of the beanie up over the sizing band the height and fit of the beanie can be adjusted. This makes for a tailor made fit no matter what shape or size your head. No matter how wet your beanie becomes it will always retain its classic beanie style and shape this is achieved by two cut and stitched darts which run at 90 degree angles to the top seam. For the Fluidgear beanie to be a snug fit and stay in place no matter what the conditions but also be comfortable for the user we have engineered a ftNo Seam Front. This means there no heavy neoprene seams to the front of the beanie. This eliminates any marking to or discomfort to your head - even when used under a helmet.


1) Perfect for use in Spring and Summer or in colder Autumn and Winter conditions.

2) This is a high performance product that is built to high quality standards.

3) One size fits all for convenience and versatility.

4) The seamless design ensures that there are no harsh edges.

5) Designed to provide the ultimate in comfort.

6) The materials used are designed to be as hard wearing as possible.


* For All Year Use.
* High Performance.
* One Size Fits All.
* Seamless for Comfort.
* Very Comfortable to Wear.
* Very Hard Wearing.