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Follow BP Pro Hex Grip 15 handle 32mm Hex Grip

Brand: Follow
SKU: F71005-H-214924
Manufacturer part number: F71005-H

Best deals on the Follow BP Pro Hex Grip Wakeboard Handle Black Red 15 handle 32mm Hex Grip 2019 Wakeboard Handle - FREE DELIVERY
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Colour: Black Red

Size: 15 handle 32mm Hex Grip

Year: 2019

Level: Generic

Gender: Everyone

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About the Follow BP Pro Hex Grip Wakeboard Handle.


This is a top end wake handle for serious wakeboarders looking for a light and totally rigid handle and a zero flex leader line. This one has a hex grip which some argue is more comfortable and easier to hold. No main line included so to do this justice you need to have a Spectra or Dyneema line to attach to it.


For wakeboarding and watersports off boat cable winch and jet-ski. Suede Grip in 32mm diameter with PU covered Dyneema bridle section. We still strongly believe in soft end caps for multiple reasons. Firstly it stops the grips ripping apart. But more importantly safety. Locking out bar roll transfers all the pressure to the grip. The hand naturally rolls. The minute you stop the bar roll it will cause your grips to rip apart quickly. Injected foam filled bars to ensure that the bar will float for its lifetime - not just while it’s new.


1) The 15 inch handle makes this tow rope perfect for Wakeboarding or Kneeboarding.

2) Soft integrated foam handle floats keep everything above the water and away from your prop.

3) This is a top end performance product that is built to a high standard and is of excellent quality.

4) Meets all of the appropriate specifications for competition use.

5) The handle is covered in suede which is extremely hard wearing and grippy in the hand.

6) Dyneema is an ultra-high molecular polyethylene fiber that has very high strength and zero stretch or recoil making it perfect for Wakeboarding.


* 15 inch Handle.
* Built-In Handle Floats.
* Excellent Quality.
* Ideal For Competition Use.
* Soft Suede Grip.
* Zero Stretch Dyneema.