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Jobe 12V 12V

SKU: 410017202-145263
Manufacturer part number: 410017202

Best deals on the Jobe 12V Towable Tube Pump Black 12V 2018 Towable Tube Pump - FREE DELIVERY
RRP: £24.99
DEAL: £17.95
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Colour: Black

Size: 12V

Year: 2018

Level: Generic

Gender: Everyone

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About the Jobe 12V Towable Tube Pump.


This powerful 12V electric pump is perfect for effortlessly inflating 1-2 man towables. It has a standard cigarette lighter connector to fit any car or boat outlet. Has a useful deflate function to help pack your tube down as small as possible for storage. Supplied with an adaptor pack that includes Boston and Lightning Valve fittings as used on most towable tubes.


The Jobe 12V Air Pump inflates a towable in a flash so you can get on the water to do whatfts best: having fun. This nifty little thing comes with 3 different nozzles. If you donftt feel like doing cardio this is your new must-have to add to your water sports gear collection. Dimensions: 12x11.5x12.5cm. Ampere: 10.7A. 3 different nozzles. Up To 0.74 PSI/ 0.05 Bar. 12V Pump. Cigarette lighter connector. Airflow: 30 ft3/min 849 Liter/min.


1) Comes complete with adaptors to fit most of the commonly used water sports valves.

2) Connects to any cigarette lighter outlet in the car or on the boat.

3) This is a top end product that is built to a high standard and is of excellent quality.

4) This is a high performance product that is built to high quality standards.

5) Handy deflate feature to suck air out to make items as compact as possible after use.

6) Runs off any 12V source such as a car battery or boat battery.


* Adaptor Pack Included.
* Cigarette Lighter Attachment.
* Excellent Quality.
* High Performance.
* Inflates and Deflates.
* Powerful 12V Electric Pump.