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Jobe Boston Valve 25mm

SKU: 410800024-38561
Manufacturer part number: 410800024

Best deals on the Jobe Boston Valve Towable Inflatable Tube Valve Black 25mm 2018 Towable Inflatable Tube Valve - FREE DELIVERY
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Colour: Black

Size: 25mm

Year: 2018

Level: Generic

Gender: Everyone

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About the Jobe Boston Valve Towable Inflatable Tube Valve.


Boston valves are an excellent invention and rarely go wrong but due to their inherent design they often get lost (to deflate you need to completely remove the valve from the towable tube bladder making it vulnerable to becoming mislaid). Why not grab a couple of these to save the hassle of finding out that yours have gone missing while staring at a boat full of disappointed faces.


Larger sized Boston Valve with top cap for your inflatable . These are the bigger versions that fit Jobe and Connolly tubes among others . There is much confusion about which Boston valve to get so please take care when making your selection - if in doubt you can always purchase both and send one back for a refund. These measure about 24mm to the outside of the thread on the Valve - if you are measuring the insert please allow for this - it will be less by the depth of the thread. These are the bigger of the Boston Valve and measure about 24mm total diameter - this equates to a 22mm inside diameter of your valve hole if you are measuring it without the Valve. Always a good idea to have a spare in your boat shed or garage in case you loose the one supplied with your Inflatable Ski tube. Easy to fit - unscrew and refit this inflatable spare Valve.


1) High volume Boston non-return valve lets air in quickly but wont allow it to escape again.

2) This is a top end product that is built to a high standard and is of excellent quality.

3) The materials used are heavy duty and designed to be as hard wearing as possible.

4) Perfect for use in Spring and Summer or in colder Autumn and Winter conditions.

5) This is a high performance product that is built to high quality standards.

6) Hard wearing Nylon materials for light weight and long life.


* Boston Valve.
* Excellent Quality.
* Extra Heavy Duty.
* For All Year Use.
* High Performance.
* Tough Nylon.