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Jobe Discover UK 8.5

SKU: 594618001-221291

Best deals on the Jobe Discover Watersports Sneakers Teal UK 8.5 2019 Watersports Sneakers - FREE DELIVERY
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Colour: Teal

Size: UK 8.5

Year: 2019

Level: All Skill Levels

Gender: Mens

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About the Jobe Discover Watersports Sneakers.


Finally a pair of great quality and ultra comfortable water sports shoes that you can actually wear when youre not on the water without looking weird. We love these things and we wear them ourselves so they get a big thumbs up from the team. You can even walk into the pub wearing these and nobody will bat an eyelid.


The Jobe Discover Watersports Sneakers are a new variation of the of the Jobe Water Sports Sneaker series. These extremely lightweight water sports sneakers are this seasonfts essentials for on and off the water. Due to quick-drying material combined with a soft EVA-heel and an outsole featuring water drains - the Discover Sneaker support your feet in a comfortable way during all kind of water activities. A perforated inside offers breath-ability while a rubber outsole features good grip for strategic steps. Extremely lightweight shoe. Quickdry materials. Outsole features rubber for extra grip. Custom insole. Eva heel for durability and fast drying. Outsole with water drains on the side.


1) This is a top end product that is built to a high standard and is of excellent quality.

2) Perfect for all types and levels of water sports.

3) Breathable ventilation system controls moisture in all conditions.

4) Designed to fit perfectly and stay put.

5) Designed to provide the ultimate in comfort.

6) The materials used are designed to dry as quickly as possible.


* Excellent Quality.
* For All Water Sports.
* Fully Breathable.
* Secure and Snug.
* Ultra Comfortable.
* Very Fast Drying.