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Liquid Force Trip with Maze 130cm / UK 6-10

Brand: Liquid Force
SKU: 2195092-223910
Manufacturer part number: 2195092

Best deals on the Liquid Force Trip with Maze Wakeboard and Bindings Package Blue 130cm / UK 6-10 2019 Wakeboard and Bindings Package - FREE DELIVERY
RRP: £389.00
DEAL: £299.95
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Colour: Blue

Size: 130cm / UK 6-10

Year: 2019

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Gender: Mens

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About the Liquid Force Trip with Maze Wakeboard and Bindings Package.


If youre looking for your first boat wakeboard setup that all the family can enjoy (and without breaking the bank) then this has to be the perfect choice. Its incredibly easy to learn on but can also dish out some adrenaline for the more experienced riders. The open toe design of the bindings also means that they will fit a wide range of foot sizes making the whole package perfect for shared or family boards.


The Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard is a true industry classic that stands the test of time designed and created specifically to provide you with the most enjoyment behind your boat! Beginner to advanced the TRIP covers the entire spectrum - it will help the beginner improve and learn new tricks and can take the expert rider that likes a smooth predictable board to new heights. The aggressive continuous rocker provides smooth edging and fluid boost off the wake. Molded-in side fins track and hold with minimum drag while the variable edge rail offers that extra friendliness when you need it. Continuous rocker - Smooth fluid and predictable carves with a high arcing launch off the wake. Variable Edge Rail - Rounded through center for forgiving feel sharp at tail positive edging control. Molded-in Warped Long Based Side Fins - Superior tracking hold with minimum drag. Removable Center Fin.

The Jobe Maze Wakeboard Bindings lock in the wakeboarders feet with deadly precision. The Maze Wakeboard Bindings feature stretchy flex panels to control your ride and custom Jobe lace locks to secure your feet. The huge size range makes them ideal as a family binding.Open Toe Adjustable - For a large range of foot sizes. Stretchy flex panels to control your ride. Single lace perfect wrapped fit. Custom Jobe lace lock to secure your ride.


1) Continuous(constant curve) rocker for a stable and forgiving ride and softer landings..

2) Perfect for beginners who require a smooth and forgiving confidence building ride.

3) Perfect for intermediate level riders who require a more advanced ride.

4) Moulded fins allow the centre fins to be removed while still retaining control.

5) Removable fin system allows the board to be shredded at the cable park without fear of fin damage.

6) Perfect for those that require a smooth and forgiving confidence building ride.


* Continuous Rocker.
* Ideal for Beginners.
* Ideal for Intermediates.
* Molded Fin System.
* Removable Fin System.
* Stable and Forgiving.