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OBrien Deep-V 12in Handle 1 Section

Brand: OBrien
SKU: 2174534-141652

Best deals on the OBrien Deep-V Beginner Water Ski Rope Red 12in Handle 1 Section 2017 Beginner Water Ski Rope - FREE DELIVERY
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Colour: Red

Size: 12in Handle 1 Section

Year: 2017

Level: Beginner

Gender: Everyone

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About the OBrien Deep-V Beginner Water Ski Rope.


A great water ski rope for people that are just starting out. By placing the ski tips within the Deep-V they are held together during the all important deep water start so that they cant wander making coming up out of the water so much easier in the early days. Once the basics have been grasped this rope can then be used as a normal ski rope. Essential to keep on the boat.


The OBrien Deep V Waterski Rope Handle Combo has a bridle section which is vinyl coated to protect the rope from ski abrasion. Just rest your ski inside the DEEP-V and let the inchV inch hold the ski straight. Makes deep water starts vastly easier. Once you’re up the rope simply pulls out from underneath the ski and performs just like a regular ski rope. Crossbar in bridle section keeps ski tip in perfect starting position and protects against crunched knuckles. The combo has a 70 foot mainline with a 5 foot detachable DEEP-V bridle section and a 12-inch wide aluminum-core handle. The line has a 16 strand 40 filament polypropylene rope construction. 70ft Mainline with 12-inch wide aluminum-core handle. 16 strand 40 filament polypropylene rope. Detachable DEEP-V bridle - You can take the handle off the line to split these up into the main parts. Crossbar keeps ski tip in perfect start position.


1) The 12 inch handle makes this tow rope perfect for Wakeboarding Water Skiing or Kneeboarding.

2) The main line measures a total of 70ft in length.

3) This is a top end performance product that is built to a high standard and is of excellent quality.

4) This product is perfect for beginner and for recreation family fun use.

5) Wound from Polyethelyne (aka Poly) which is a very forgiving monofilament fibre that is resistant to abrasion and floats well.

6) Comes with an EVA grip which is a tough elastomeric polymer that is very rubber-like in softness and flexibility.


* 12 inch Handle.
* 70ft Main Line.
* Excellent Quality.
* Ideal For Beginners.
* Low Stretch Poly Line.
* Soft EVA Grip.