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OBrien Hilo All-round 10ft 6

Brand: OBrien
SKU: 2191222-234763

Best deals on the OBrien Hilo All-round SUP Paddleboard Package Blue Yellow 10ft 6 2019 SUP Paddleboard Package - FREE DELIVERY
RRP: £549.95
DEAL: £444.95
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Colour: Blue Yellow

Size: 10ft 6

Year: 2019

Level: All Skill Levels

Gender: Everyone

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About the OBrien Hilo All-round SUP Paddleboard Package.


We love the Hilo and we think this is possibly the best allround fun SUP Paddleboard on the market right now. Its very light and rigid which makes for a much more pleasurable paddling experience. It sits slighty lower in the water which gives it noticibly more pitch and yaw stability than some other SUPs. Weve put absolutel raw beginners on a Hilo in open water and within no time theyre up on their feet. Whether this is your first board or you are looking for something a bit special to take your paddling a step further then this will not disappoint.


With the OBrien Hilo iSUP having fun while exploring waterways has never been so easy or affordable. This inflatable SUP utilizes a well balanced shape to provide a smooth stable ride on the water that everyone can enjoy. Hilo 106". Length 320.04cm / 126". Width 76.2cm / 30". Volume 252.57 Liters. BEG. Weight Limit 185 lbs. INT. Weight Limit 220 lbs. ADV. Weight Limit 290 lbs. In this Package you will get the following products:. Hilo iSUP. Mesh Bag. Dual action pump. iSUP fin system. Jobe SUP Paddle. Length: 320.04cm / 126" Width: 76.2cm / 30". Inflatable Drop Stitch SUP – Easy travel. Easy storage. Highly Durable. Just pump it up and go. Front bungee system – Secure your life jacket and extra gear. Single removable fin. Grab handle – Perfectly placed for easy carrying. Nose and tail D-Rings – Easily tie off your SUP while you go for a swim or explore land for a bit. EVA Deck Pad – Soft grippy cushioning for your feet. Packaged with a paddle a heavy-duty mesh backpack and a dual-action pump.


1) Soft EVA non-slip Deck Pad that feels great in bare feet and provides loads of grip.

2) Handy front bungee storage for your flipflops or even a beer.

3) Designed to take lots of abuse and stand the test of time.

4) All of the features you need for exciting open water use.

5) Light weight construction for livelier handling and easier transportation.

6) Strong removable fin for stability while underway and convenience while packing up.


* EVA Deck Pad.
* Front Bungee Storage.
* Highly Durable.
* Ideal on Open Water.
* Light Weight Construction.
* Removable Fin.