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OBrien Junior Vortex 54inch

Brand: OBrien
SKU: 2181134-165720

Best deals on the OBrien Junior Vortex Combo Waterskis Green 54inch 2019 Combo Waterskis - FREE DELIVERY
RRP: £199.95
DEAL: £189.95
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Colour: Green

Size: 54inch

Year: 2019

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Gender: Junior

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About the OBrien Junior Vortex Combo Waterskis.


Performance meets value with the Junior Vortex combo pair. The wide tails and shallow narrow tunnels assist in easy deep water starts and provide smooth easy turns. Slide-adjust bindings fit a wide range of foot sizes as does the proven ski design that the whole family can enjoy. The removable stabilizer bar helps to keep everything in check during the early sessions but once the confidence levels have increased it can be quickly and easily removed to allow the skis to carve independantly.

In case you were wondering Combo Skis are so called as they offer a great combination of a beginner water ski pair and a more advanced mono ski. Youll notice that one of the skis has a single front binding while the other has a front binding and a rear toe plate. This means that beginners can practise on 2 skis while the more advanced can use just one.


The OBrien Vortex Junior Combo Waterskis are the compact version of the adult Vortex combos. These skis are perfect for getting pre-teen to early teenage skiers up and out of the water and skiing like legends! They work great for lighter adults too. The 54in Junior Vortex Water Skis offer the extra surface area that works so well on the adult Vortex but in a smaller more maneuverable size for younger and lighter skiers. This ski will be great for skiers of all ages and is suitable for all foot sizes from UK 1-6 US 2-7. Durable composite construction. Length 54in / 137cm. Bindings X-700 Junior Adjustable Bindings foot size UK 1-6. Rider weight up to 140lbs / 63.5kg. Nylon fin.


1) Perfect for families who need to share equipment and enjoy confidence building days out.

2) This product offers excellent performance at a great price.

3) Perfect for beginners who require a smooth and forgiving confidence building ride.

4) Nice and stable to aid progression and give confidence.

5) Designed to take all of the abuse you can throw at it.

6) Nice and simple rubber bindings that are both comfortable and easy to adjust.


* Great Family Skis.
* High Performance.
* Ideal for Beginners.
* Stable and Forgiving.
* Ultra Durable.
* X-700 Adjustable Bindings.