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OBrien Siege 69in UK 6-10

Brand: OBrien
SKU: 2180486-203335

Best deals on the OBrien Siege Slalom Water Ski Black Green 69in UK 6-10 2019 Slalom Water Ski - FREE DELIVERY
RRP: £439.95
DEAL: £369.95
SAVE: 16%

Colour: Black Green

Size: 69in UK 6-10

Year: 2019

Level: All Skill Levels

Gender: Everyone

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About the OBrien Siege Slalom Water Ski.


One of our favourite slalom skis the Siege will be kind to you when youre taking your first serious steps on one ski or it will get you on the podium literally. A very confidence building ski that just seems to do everything well. Fast and yet forgiving this is a fantastic ski and you may never get bored of it!


The OBrien Siege Slalom Waterski is incredibly responsive! With a tunnel concave edge changes are effortless and the ski turns on a dime. A softer flex and increased rocker make this ski feel stable right out of the box. ROCKER PATTERN – More rocker for smooth forgiving turns. TUNNEL - Quick easy edge changes. BEVELS – Small defined bevel for easier turning. FIN - Concave. FLEX - Performance. BINDINGS - Avid. RIDER ABILITY - Beginner to Pro.


1) Avid slalom adjustable lace-up bindings for great comfort and excellent levels of control.

2) Defined Bevel design creates a fast and predictable ski that turns easily.

3) Perfect for riders who require a more advanced ride and good allround performance.

4) This is a high performance product that is built to high quality standards.

5) Perfect for those that require a smooth and forgiving confidence building ride.

6) Tunnel concave design provides the perfect balance of straight line tracking and turning ability.


* Avid Adjustable Bindings.
* Defined Bevel.
* Fast and Exciting.
* High Performance.
* Stable and Forgiving.
* Tunnel Concave Design.
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