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OBrien World Team 68in UK 6-10

Brand: OBrien
SKU: 2160494-203338

Best deals on the OBrien World Team Slalom Water Ski Black Red 68in UK 6-10 2019 Slalom Water Ski - FREE DELIVERY
RRP: £389.95
DEAL: £289.95
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Colour: Black Red

Size: 68in UK 6-10

Year: 2019

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Gender: Everyone

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About the OBrien World Team Slalom Water Ski.


Want to learn how to mono ski and learn fast? Then this is your weapon of choice. The World Team is probably the easiest and most forgiving ski to grasp the basics on but it will continue to dish out the carving smiles for years to come. Good X-9 bindings too.


The OBrien World Team Slalom Waterski is the ski that taught the world to slalom. The wide fore-body makes it easy to start and to start a turn. The wide rails and deep narrow tunnel stability and predictable tracking for a smooth ride. The 45 degree bevels reduce spray and lessen the stress on your legs and therefore fatigue. The OBrien World Team also comes with X-9 Bindings which is a comfortable binding with an easy front lace system allowing easy entry and exit out of the binding. Flex: Sport. Fin: Carve. Bindings: X-9 Standard. Rocker: Heavy. Tunnel: Narrow. Bevels: 45 Degree Bevel. Rider Ability: Beginner to Intermediate. NARROW TUNNEL – Predictable tracking. BEVELS – 45 degree reduces spray and fatigue. FIN – Adjustable A.R.C. -No hassle fin. Forward and back adjustment. FLEX - Sport. RIDER ABILITY - Beginner to Intermediate. ROCKER PATTERN – More rocker for smooth forgiving turns. X-9 Binding Size Standard included with this ski.


1) 45 degree bevel calms the ski down slightly and reduces spray and helps prevent fatigue.

2) Adjustable ARC fin made from quality alloy that enables you to tune your ski preferences.

3) Perfect for riders who require a more advanced ride and good allround performance.

4) Perfect for beginners who require a smooth and forgiving confidence building ride.

5) Narrow tunnel design for smooth turns and predictable tracking.

6) Perfect for those that require a smooth and forgiving confidence building ride.


* 45 Degree Bevel.
* ARC Alloy Fin.
* Fast and Exciting.
* Ideal for Beginners.
* Narrow Tunnel Design.
* Stable and Forgiving.