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Oxbow Pilot 11ft

SKU: O.PS-11-56350

Best deals on the Oxbow Pilot SUP Paddleboard Orange 11ft 2011 SUP Paddleboard - FREE DELIVERY
RRP: £899.00
DEAL: £599.95
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Colour: Orange

Size: 11ft

Year: 2011

Level: Generic

Gender: Everyone

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About the Oxbow Pilot SUP Paddleboard.


This is a great quality rigid SUP Paddleboard from Oxbow. Rigid (AKA Epoxy) paddleboards are more agile than inflatables and glide more easily. Because they borrow many features from traditional surfboards rigid paddleboards are also easier to catch waves on. If you want the best possible performance on open water and surf then this is the board for you. The only downside is that transportation will not be as simple as an inflatable.


This Stand Up Paddleboard from Oxbow is the Pilot this SUP series is Oxbowfts dedicated wave riding SUP. This performance Stand Up Paddleboard utilizes performance longboard orientated rocker templates with thinned out noses & tails creates a series of SUPfts truly made to surf. These SUPfts are directed at the performance end of the SUP market and is recommended for either lighter weight or experienced riders. Package includes. - Delivery to UK mainland Free Of Charge. - Bic Surf Leash. Length 11ft0ftft. Max Width 28.5 inch. Max Thickness 4.2 inch. Fins: 9ft fiberglass center fin w/ FCS G5 side-bites. Construction Details. Deck glassing: 2 x 6oz. Bottom glassing: 1 x 6oz. with 1 x 6oz. fin patch. Gloss glass finish.


1) Excellent glide characteristics for a more efficient paddling experience.

2) This is a top end product that is built to a high standard and is of excellent quality.

3) This is a high performance product that is built to high quality standards.

4) All of the features you need for exciting open water use.

5) Light weight construction for livelier handling and easier transportation.

6) Strong removable fin for stability while underway and convenience while packing up.


* Excellent Glide.
* Excellent Quality.
* High Performance.
* Ideal on Open Water.
* Light Weight Construction.
* Removable Fin.