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Straight Line TR9 15in handle 4 sections

SKU: 2119044-38052

Best deals on the Straight Line TR9 Wakeboard Rope and Handle Red 15in handle 4 sections 2019 Wakeboard Rope and Handle - FREE DELIVERY
RRP: £59.95
DEAL: £49.95
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Colour: Red

Size: 15in handle 4 sections

Year: 2019

Level: Generic

Gender: Everyone

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About the Straight Line TR9 Wakeboard Rope and Handle.


We really like the TR9. If youre after an excellent value wakeboarding or kneeboarding tow rope and handle then this is the perfect choice. 15 inch handle built-in handle floats and 4 sections to tune the rope length to suit your boat or the skill level of the rider. Highly recommended.


Straight Line TR9 Wakeboard Handle with Static Line Combo in Red detail for beginner to intermediate riders is a stunning price for this level of handle line combo. This Wake combo set has lots of detail from the built in floats to keep your handle floating to the multi length line featuring a specific Polyethylene Fibre weave to give great performance whilst remaining reliable and easy to use. Straight Linefts Static line is made of a specific blended Polyethylene fiber for the most forgiving wake line allowing only minimal amounts of stretch. These combos are great for any up and coming athlete whether it is Wakeboarding Wakeskating or Kneeboarding. This 15 inch Handle features nice and comfy EVA grip and the Double braided handle construction along with dual neoprene floats make sure this combo is durable and highly visible on the water. The Line is a Poly-E rope which has a little give but will float and is super tangle free so really easy to use - this is ideal to get started and will work really well for Kneeboards and other toys as well - doubles up great as a water Ski Rope. This features a 65ft Overall length made up of the following sizes 50ft+5ft+5ft+5ft handle. 15 inch Handle. EVA grip for comfort and control. Poly-E Rope - floats and tangle free.


1) The 15 inch handle makes this tow rope perfect for Wakeboarding or Kneeboarding.

2) The main line comes with 4 removable sections to enable you to lengthen and shorted the main line as required.

3) Soft integrated foam handle floats keep everything above the water and away from your prop.

4) This product is perfect for those of an intermediate level.

5) Wound from Polyethelyne (aka Poly) which is a very forgiving monofilament fibre that is resistant to abrasion and floats well.

6) Comes with an EVA grip which is a tough elastomeric polymer that is very rubber-like in softness and flexibility.


* 15 inch Handle.
* 4 Removable Sections.
* Built-In Handle Floats.
* Ideal For Intermediates.
* Low Stretch Poly Line.
* Soft EVA Grip.